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How Car Insurance quotes are calculated - A range of factors are involved in working out how much a car insurance quote will cost. Find out what they are.

Post Code ratings - See how car insurance companies view the area that you live. It can affect how much your car insurance premium is.

Types of Car Insurance Cover - Find out what each different type of car insurance protects you for.
- Comprehensive
- Third Party, Fire & Theft
- Third Party

No Claims Bonus - Find out what a No Claims Bonus (NCB) is and how it can help reduce your car insurance premium.

Car Insurance Excess - The excess you pay on your car insurance is the amount you have to pay in the event you need to make a claim. This covers compulsory excess and also voluntary excess.

Where you keep your car - Learn why where your car is parked overnight can affect how much your car insurance is going to cost.

Male or Female -

Drivers age - Younger drivers with less driving experience are more likely to be involved in an accident. Because of this insurance providers usually have higher premiums for young drivers. Find out more about it here.

Young Drivers - Find out hints and tips for young drivers to help save on their car insurance costs.

Pass Plus - The Pass Plus driving scheme is designed for new drivers. It helps to reduce car insurance too for new drivers as they are given lessons in driving conditions that they may not have already experienced.

Import Cars - Imported cars can be harder to get insured than other cars. This is because many insurance companies will not insure an import so you have to use specialist car insurance companies who deal with Imported Car Insurance

Car Modifications - Adding "Mods" to your car will increase the cost of car insurance as they usually add performance or make them more attractive to thieves.

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