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UK Car Insurance - Car Insurance Guide - Types of Car Insurance Cover - Comprehensive / Fully Comp

Comprehensive insurance (also known as Fully Comp) is the most protection that is offered by car insurance companies.
Fully Comp
rehensive insurance covers your vechicle for all damage that may be caused to it that is either your fault or not.

Below is a table of who and what is covered with Fulyl Comprehensive Insurance

Covered By Insurance
Your Vehicle
Fire to your vehicle
Theft of your vehicle
Third Party Person
Third Party Vehicle
Third Party Property

An example of how Fully Comprehensive Insurance works:

Mr. Smith has Fully Comprehensive insurance for his car.
He is driving along and has his friend with him in the passenger seat, while he is driving he accidentally runs into the back of Mr. Jones car.
Mr. Smiths passenger and Mr. Jones both were injured in the accident and damage was caused to both cars.
As the accident was Mr. Smiths fault his insurance company will pay out. They will pay out for the injuries caused to Mr. Smiths passenger and also the injuries to Mr. Jones. They will also payout for the repairs to Mr. Jones car and also pay out for th erepairs to Mr. Smiths car too.

Mr. Smiths vehicle is stolen. His insurance will pay out.

Mr. Smiths vehicle has a fire. His insurance will pay out.


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