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UK Car Insurance - Car Insurance Guide - Where your Vehicle is kept

Where you keep your vehicle can make a big difference to your car insurance quote. Car insurance companies will reduce the amount of an insurance quote if a vehicle is being stored somewhere safe, this mainly counts at night when cars are generally not in use.

On the road: A vehicle parked on a public road is theoretically at the most risk. As it is not on any private property anyone is able to walk past, look in etc. This puts it at the most risk as it also makes it easier for a get away without warning the owner.

On a Driveway: A car parked on a private driveway offers slightly more security. For anyone wanting to either break into it or steal the vehicle would have to go onto the private property which could well have security lights, be in view of the house occupants and arise suspicion to neighbours of a stranger on the driveway.

In a Garage: Insurance companies view a car stored in a garage as the safest way to park your vehicle. It is out of view of passers by, any thief has an extra barrier to get past if they want to steal a car kept in a garage. They would have to try and break into the garage without alerting suspicion, and then try and break into the car which if alarmed is going to be hard to do without alerting the owners.

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