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UK Car Insurance - Car Insurance Guide - Young Drivers

Young drivers can't wait to get their own cars once they have passed their driving test. It gives them extra freedom to go out and take themselves places on their own steam without having to rely on others or public transport.

Young drivers however often lack driving experience and unfortunately statistically proven to far likely be involved in an accident than older drivers with more driving experience which means that car insurance companies put the cost of insuring a car for young drivers up much higher.

New drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident in the first 2 years after passing their test than they are at any other time of their driving career!

There is however things that young drivers can do to try and keep their car insurance as low as possible, although some may not be popular, unfortunately it's the game many have to play until they reach an age when car insurance costs start to come down to more reasonable levels.

Your car - Although everyone loves to have the nicest and fastest car this can have a dramatic effect on your car insurance. Especially for young drivers who get powerful cars the insurance costs are going to be very high.
For new drivers getting a good reliable small engine car is the best option. Although it may not be the car you want to "impress" others if you want to get one and be able to insure it then this is the best option.

Pass Plus - Pass Plus is a driver training scheme that can be done up to 2 years after passing your driving test.
It involves a minimum of 6 lessons that will build up your driving knowledge and teach you to deal with driving situations you may not already have experience.
It involves driving in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways.
The good thing with Pass Plus is that once you have done it you will likely be able to get your car insurance premium reduced, even by more than the cost of taking the Pass Plus costs to take.

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